Greece inspiration

The island of Delos where Apollo was born brought the music of light and its invisible harmony which in the Aegean Sea was made in a dazzling hurricane of stones which became the perpetual dance of the Cyclades. Light, like a gift received in exchange for an Apollonian blessing, made its nest in all places, Paros, Milos, Syros, Sifnos, Ios, Santorini, Naxos, Tinos, Amorgos, Serifos and Mykonos.

Mykonos the eternal

It is located in the northeast of the Cyclades, more than 100 km from the ports of Piraeus and Rafina with around 10,000 inhabitants. Its overall area is 88 square kilometers.

Although there are no mountains, the island is not without prominence in particular with certain rock formations, such as the 372 meter high Profitis Ilias in Vorniotis, the highest peak of the archipelago. It is a very popular destination for tourists who often come from all over the world for its lively nightlife but not only. The island’s environment is made up of an incredible amalgam of white houses, charming narrow streets, cozy churches, exquisite art galleries and fantastic brasseries always accompanied by plenty of sunshine and a Azure sky reflecting the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the slightest photo of which could become your new wallpaper.

This place has also attracted many celebrities such as Ariana Grande, Lindsay Lohan, Kate Moss and Usain Bolt. Its great notoriety makes it one of the top tourist destinations in the world because it is primarily an ideal place to relax for a quiet or lively vacation if you wish.

A little of its history

This archipelago is also a mix between the past and the present. Mykonos will make you discover its 400 chapels. In the past its inhabitants indulged in piracy and in the event of difficulties at sea, they vowed to build a chapel if they escaped alive! Still on the historical side, you can visit the island of Delos by renting a motor boat or taking a seat aboard one of the caiques. It is considered the most sacred of all the UNESCO heritage islands. Delos is uninhabited today but everyone flocks there to admire the sanctuary of Apollo, the lions of Delos but also the dolphins and the Stibadeion, a ceremonial installation to the glory of Dionysus.

Mykonos is also full of enchanting places like the Byzantine church of Panagia Paraportiani, or the Little Venice district, without forgetting the Aegean Sea Museum, the Folklore Museum and the Archaeological Museum. The pretty beaches of Mykonos, in particular that of Elia, are located in a quiet contrast to the hustle and bustle of the festive beaches of Paradise Beach. The island also has a hospital and medical center, so don’t worry about your health!


Late summer is the best time to visit Mykonos. Several options are possible to access it, first by sea (boat or cruise) and by air (airline and private jet). On site, apart from walks so you can stroll at your own pace, you will find plenty of public transport to easily move from one point to another (bus, taxi, boats, cars or mopeds).

The atmosphere of Mykonos with its Mediterranean climate is temperate and warm with some precipitation, the heat is nevertheless cooled by the northern winds and makes it more bearable. Moreover, because of this phenomenon, Mykonos will be nicknamed the Windy Island.

The success of the island is also due to the architecture of its various local infrastructures as well as its international brand boutiques, its magnificent restaurants where you can taste traditional Greek cuisine, and its  sublime hotels.

We strongly invite you to try the experience of Mykonos which always remains unforgettable! 

Where to stay in Greece ?

Santorin island – Vigli Call for price

Santorin island – Vigli

Call for price

Luxury villa with a spectacular seaview located on the west side of the island with a Cycladic architecture built out of natural materials as whitewashed or stone walls and wooden pergolas

8 baths 8 beds 6394
Price from

CRETE ISLAND – HERA 6,900.00 €


Price from 6,900.00 €

Eco-friendly villa using solar pannels located on a hillside facing the Aegean sea is surrounded by wonderful gardens and multiple pristine beaches

3 baths 3 beds 6338
Price from



Price from 2,200.00 €

Located in nature in the heart of Zante island, this apartment with two bedrooms is built perfectly with eco-friendly materials as wood, iron and stone

1 bath 2 beds 5765
Price from



Price from 890.00 €

Authentic Greek place in a remote location where apartments are built with eco-friendly materials

1 bath 1 bed 5744
Price from

MYKONOS ISLAND AEGEAN 8,400.00 € 6,300.00 €

Special offer period : 01/10/24 - 31/10/24


Price from 8,400.00 € 6,300.00 € Special offer period : 01/10/24 - 31/10/24

In a quiet area, the villa dressed in black and white is like a dream come true

5 baths 5 beds 5730
Price from

PAROS ISLAND 14,500.00 €


Price from 14,500.00 €

Pure minimalist design with a green energy coming from solar pannels

9 baths 8 beds 5551
Price from

MYKONOS ISLAND MYCONIAN 8,750.00 € 6,900.00 €

Special offer period : 01/05/24 - 17/05/24


Price from 8,750.00 € 6,900.00 € Special offer period : 01/05/24 - 17/05/24

The gleaming infinity pool and the cave pool are a gift here, blending in with the sea and demanding to be instagrammed

6 baths 6 beds 5465
Price from



Price from 2,095.00 €

In the beautiful area of Halkidiki not very far from the beach, the Eco-Villa is located in the North of Greece in Macedonia, the villa uses the green electricity with the latest-technology systems from solar pannels

3 baths 4 beds 5395
Price from



Price from 24,500.00 €

Authentic local design in a white Cycladic luxury with arches, old stones, wooden floors and pillars, a masterpiece of natural luxury

9 baths 9 beds 5349
Price from



Price from 14,600.00 €

In a white pure Greek style and minimalist, the villa offers natural spaces for life where bamboo, old local stones, wood exude a sense of calmness and a natural beauty

6 baths 7 beds 5321