1. Definitions and Purpose

User means all persons using the platform within the meaning of the Consumer Code.

User account indicates the account created by him in accordance with article 4 which allows the use of the platform.

Terms and Conditions are hereby designated and applicable to users.

Parties represent users or our company

2. Purpose

2.1 The general conditions govern the conditions of access and use of the platform provided by Bio Rentals to the user as well as the rights and obligations of Bio Rentals and users as defined below.

2.2 These general conditions and the privacy policy form a whole and constitute the conditions on which the user and Bio Rentals have agreed, they prevail over any other document, prior agreement and previous communications.

3. Acceptance, duration and modifications

3.1 The general conditions are communicated to the user when creating his user account on the platform. By ticking the box “I accept the General Conditions of Use”, the user acknowledges having read and accepts all the General Conditions without reservation.

3.2 The general conditions have an indefinite duration and come into force from the moment the user accepts them.

3.3 In case of modifications of these, the user will be informed by Bio Rentals by notifications, the user will be entitled to refuse or accept them.

4. Use of the platform

4.1 This is visible at the URL address

4.2 Its functionalities are available to users by creating a user account via a connection portal requiring a confidential username and password. The user must complete the necessary sections for the creation of the account. The data is collected for the purpose of setting up the user account and providing the platform.

4.3 The user acknowledges that the quality and reliability of transmissions depend on the infrastructure of Internet network access providers which are uncertain, these may be subject to breakdowns, network saturation, placing the user unable to access the platform.

4.4 It is up to the user to verify and ensure under his sole responsibility the security of his terminal equipment as well as his own data, in particular in the event of contamination by viruses or attempted intrusions of which the user could be a victim.

4.5 The user is solely responsible for the use that may be made of his account and therefore undertakes to keep his username and password strictly confidential.

4.6 In the event of a request for additional information by the user, he will be put in contact with a Bio Rentals adviser if necessary, in order to be able to benefit fully from the services of Bio Rentals.

5. Financial conditions

  • The user of the platform is granted free of charge to the user.
  • Any other service provided by Bio Rentals will be subject to prior information and a separate agreement.

6. Obligations of the parties

6.1 Obligations of Bio Rentals:

  • Bio Rentals undertakes to allow access to the platform 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to ensure its proper functioning, its access security without resulting in an obligation of result to be borne by it.
  • In the event of interruption and access to the services of the platform without prior information to users, in particular in the event of force majeure, for example a computer breakdown, Bio Rentals undertakes to make the best possible efforts to secure access, consultation and use of the platform

6.2 Obligations of the user:

  • The user undertakes to use the platform in accordance with its destination and the general conditions. It also undertakes to respect the right of third parties, not to take any action aimed at interrupting, destroying, limiting, harming the platform or preventing other users from accessing it, in particular through viruses, codes, malicious programs or files, not to use or exploit a user account for a purpose other than that provided for in the general conditions.
  • The user acknowledges that Bio Rentals is a third party to the relationship between the owners/managers and the user.

7. Liability

In the event of the user’s breach of the obligations described in the general conditions, he must compensate Bio Rentals for all damages suffered.

8. Force majeure

Bio Rentals cannot be held liable or sought in the event that the performance of one of its obligations is prevented or delayed due to a case of force majeure, as assessed by case law and defined in article 1218 of the civil code.

9. Termination

9.1 The user may at any time terminate the general conditions by sending an email to the following address:

9.2 Bio Rentals may automatically terminate its contractual relationship with the user at any time by removing access to the user’s account, subject to one month’s notice sent by email.

9.3 Bio Rentals, in the event of a violation of the legislation in force, any breach and/or non-compliance with one of the obligations set out in the general conditions reserves the right to delete the user account within 7 days after formal notice prior to the user.

10. Intellectual Property

10.1 All intellectual property rights, such as copyrights, trademark rights, rights of database producers, relating to the structure and content of the platform belong to Bio Rentals.

10.2 These elements are made available to the user for the sole use of the services of Bio Rentals in accordance with the general conditions. This availability during the contractual relationship between the user and Bio Rentals is an exclusively private, non-exclusive right of use on these elements, the duration of availability not exceeding the duration of copyright in France.

10.3 Any reproduction, destruction, exploitation, downloading, distribution, transmission, modification of any part of the elements without the prior and express authorization of Bio Rentals is prohibited and constitutes an infringement of intellectual property rights. Consequently, the user expressly undertakes not to infringe the intellectual property rights held by Bio Rentals on the elements, its brands or any other sign relating thereto.

11. Hypertext links

11.1 The platform may offer links to other websites which, unless otherwise stated, are independent of the Bio Rentals platform. Bio Rentals can in no way be held responsible for the content of these sites and the damage resulting from its connections.

11.2 Any hypertext link giving access to the platform to any of the pages or elements of Bio Rentals requires the prior written authorization of Bio Rentals.

12. Agreement of proof

12.1 The user acknowledges that the recordings, backups, notifications made by the platform and all connection data will have full probative value (electronic documents) between the Bio Rentals user for any dispute.

12.2 If Bio Rentals does not enforce any right or provision of its terms and conditions immediately, this shall not be construed as a waiver. Bio Rentals reserves the right to take any action subsequently.

13. Independence of the parties

The parties are independent. Neither party may be considered an employee, agent, mandatary, partner or legal representative of the other party for any purpose whatsoever and shall have no right or power to bind in the name and on behalf of the other part.

14. Applicable law and language

The general conditions may be translated into several languages for convenience only. In case of inconsistency or contradiction as to their interpretation, the French version will prevail.

The general conditions are established in French and governed by French law.