Green property rental management

Sustainable management mandates

Since the 2004 National Climate Plan and the Grenelle Environmental Forum, France has made the goal of sustainable development a national strategy. However one views the subject, the reduction of energy consumption is both essential and inevitable for the foreseeable future. 

In keeping with this ethos, Bio Rentals decided to help owners to maintain the new ethical standard. 

Starting from the principle that the best energy is that which is not consumed, we wish that the rental management of furnished apartments or not with Bio Rentals, to be fitted with the best thermal insulation (with an EPC energy performance certificate graded A, B or C).

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Before any insulation and renovation works is carried out, owners need the most up-to-date technical assistance. The energy audit is the indispensable starting point that lets you know what to do, how to do it, and in what order. 

Bio Rentals will take financial responsibility in accordance with the company’s property management mandate

A thermal design specialists thermal study will be taken into account regarding budgets and the prioritising of the work to be done. Continuous monitoring of the evolution of environmental standards will be undertaken by Bio Rentals to ensure that each property meets the maximum requirements of the thermal regulations.

We are also involved to the french forest renewal, so for each new rent, we’ll buy and plant one new tree (oak) and their location will be given to you. By choosing us as a rental manager, become too a sustainable player for the protection of the environment. 

The best energy is the one we do not consume

Enhancing the value of your property is our goal,
Entrust it to our safe hands.