Paris inspiration

Immerse yourself in the spirit of the Middle Ages on the banks of the Seine river near the Ile de la Cité, will you be satisfied? In the Marais, you will find the aristocratic elegance of the 17th century, the first chic district of Paris. Immerse yourself in the splendor of the most beautiful city in the world as Napoleon III and his prefect Haussmann dreamed of and discover the Opéra district. If you prefer Antiquity, you can walk the slopes of the St Geneviève mountain and go in search of Gallo-Roman Lutèce.

The historic medieval quarter

It is the end of the order and rigor of the Gallo-Roman Lutetia, a place of winding and crowded streets of medieval Paris. The population continues to grow, we build at all costs, without drawing a plan, or even following any alignments. Paris begins to settle on the right bank but never very far from the Seine whose ports supply the young and dynamic capital of the kingdom of France. It is here that the Notre Dame de Paris cathedral was created in 1160 on the Ile de la Cité over more than two centuries, in the historic heart of Paris in the middle of its winding and congested streets, it is today the most visited monument in Europe. Ile St Louis, rue François Miron, rue du Prévôt, the Hotel de Sens, the enclosure of Philippe Auguste.

The Marais district

Originally an area of ​​swamps, miraculously spared by three and a half centuries of development work in the capital, it became the corner of private mansions and a place of residence for the nobility before the Revolution, then gradually invested by the bourgeoisie. who began to settle there. If we are interested in the literary Paris of the 17th century, the name of Madame de Sévigné is associated with it, her hotel has now become the historical library of the city of Paris. Place des Vosges, St Paul St Louis church, Hôtel de Sully, rue St Antoine, Hôtel de Beauvais, the White House, the Carnavalet museum.

The Opera district

Which highlights certain places of Parisian architecture and in particular the work of Baron Haussmann, who redesigned the city to enlarge and clean it up. In the 19th century, Paris was still living with its dark and unhealthy little streets… Reorganizing districts, road access, creating parks and squares to improve air quality were essential. Almost 20 years of work were necessary for this gigantic project. The Palais de la Bourse, the rue des Colonnes, the passage des Panoramas, the Théâtre des Variétés, the Grévin museum, the Opéra comique, the Haussmann buildings, the Opéra Garnier.

The Latin quarter

The city of Lutèce and the Parisii who, after having fought courageously against the Romans, finally submitted. However, they won a clean, luxurious and orderly city, worthy of Roman military camps. Lutèce is established from the Ile de la Cité to the Sainte Geneviève hill, grandiose monuments are built there. From the Seine, the view of the city is a real theatrical setting, a showcase to the glory of Lutèce but above all of the Roman Empire. The Cardo Maximus or rue St Jacques, Forum and the Arènes de Lutèce, the thermal baths of Clunny, the Sorbonne University.

Where to stay in Paris ?

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In a building of the 17th century, charming two rooms with a nice high celling

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Elegant 2/3 rooms in a Haussmann building overlooking a courtyard located next to Champs-Elysées

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Next to place des Vosges and Carnavalet museum

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In the heart of St Germain des Prés, the charming historic neighborhood of Paris

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Luxurious and spacious apartment of 107 square meters near to the beautiful Monceau garden with 2 bedrooms

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