Are you owner or investor?

If you want to free yourself from all the technical and administrative constraints involved in rental management, perform thermal insulation upgrades and renovate your property, we can help. If you already have a tenant or are looking for one, wish to rent out your propertyempty or furnished, as a primary or temporary residenceyour housing is located far from there where you live or your job is too intense, difficult to look after of it, take an assistance.

Property owners, make an appointment with our service !

If today, your property is not eco-friendly or compatible with current standards of low energy consumption, don’t worry, because it can become so, progressively and in accordance with your budget, and we take care of everything. Do not allow your property to depreciate in value. Connect to the green!

Bio Rentals Paris short term furnished apartments

BIO RENTALS Your help for renovation works

The total financial cost of the energy audit is partially or totally supported by Bio Rentals, so that your property can benefit from the best EPC energy performance certificate.

Our management mandates fall into three categories:

What are the features of green properties?

  • internal or external insulation (EPC A, B or C rated) 
  • natural materials used for environmentally-friendly improvements 
  • equipment designed for low energy consumption
  • a biotic electricity installation
  • green electricity supplier 
  • ecological furniture 
  • organic air treatment using plant bio-filtration
  • Feng shui ambience regarding the decor   
  • a close proximity with a park or a garden 

Step by step, all housing, whether furnished or not, can become eco-friendly and energy-efficient, and thereby in harmony with the construction practices of the 21st century. Please see the renovation work section for more information.




Bio Rentals provides for the reception of tenants 24/7, handles the management of arrivals and departures check-in and check-out, deals with linens and other domestic matters and the technical maintenance of the property. 

Our guarantee of management freedom means you can reserve your property for personal use (yourself, your family, or friends) for several months of the year, as and when you wish, as per our freedom management option.

Owners wishing to manage by themselves the search for tenants through international platforms of booking can subscribe :

Bio-Rentals Les plus Déco Linge et draps coton Bio

BIO CLEAN pack only (rates), our assistance services including :

  • checkin-appart, management of arrivals and departures
  • cleaning of the apartment with ecological products
  • management of linen in organic cotton, flax or hemp (deposit security)

For this kind of rentals (less than 3 months), online bookable optional services are offered to tenants, including: 



Guaranteed rents by our management service depending on the area of your property (consult us) for a minimum of 750 Euros by month

Examples of financial aid available from the State for necessary work

For a primary or secondary residence 

Thermal insulation work and improvements to the heating system, control and programming, changing a boiler, installing wood-fuelled heating for accomodation finished more than 2 years

For a principal residence 

The supply and installation by a professional of the materials and equipment necessary for the realisation of energy efficiency improvements, the restoration of electrical and plumbing facilities following the installation of internal insulation, cladding for walls, plastering repairs following necessary work, changing to more efficient radiators, concrete screed following installation of underfloor heating systems, adaptation of exhaust ducts necessary for condensing boiler installation. This loan was renewed until the end of 2018.
Expenses related to the project management (e.g., architect). 

Project management insurance costs. 

Example: for the objective of attaining a high DPE energy performance rating, up to 30,000 Euros maximum, with a maximum repayment period of 15 years

For a primary or secondary residence 

The conditions, rate, duration and the loan trade name are left to the discretion of the banks.