Go back centuries for a time travel, are you ready?

Immerse yourself in the spirit of the Middle Ages on the banks of the Seine river near the Ile de la Cité, will you be satisfied? In the Marais, you will find the aristocratic elegance of the 17th century, the first chic district of Paris…

Cyclades islands

Cradle of our Western civilization, rediscover the origin of men and their gods.

The island of Delos where Apollo was born brought the music of light and its invisible harmony which in the Aegean Sea was made in a dazzling hurricane of stones which became the perpetual dance of the Cyclades…



Eternal Rome, twinned with a single city, its cousin Paris, is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

The whole of Europe is indebted to the Roman civilization and indirectly all the countries influenced by the Culture of the Old Continent. A must for lovers of antiquity…


St Tropez

The most festive of the destinations on the French Riviera.

St Tropez has become since Brigitte Bardot the most jetset place in France with its pretty and narrow streets of old fishing villages, its trendy yachts, its countless festive places, Pampelonne and its private beaches,…