Club Les Palmiers – Sustainable investment – Ramatuelle


We support the Club des Palmiers in the face of a recent court decision of May 11, 2022 which we hope will be corrected. At a time when all investments have become eco-responsible, where most governments are involved in energy saving and the development of the use of bio – sourced materials as well as the protection of bio – diversity, this decision of the next closure in April 2023 seems incoherent and without any sense.

The Club Les Palmiers, a precursor in this field, called on the architect Philippe Madec, a pioneer in eco-responsibility, who studied from a bioclimatic angle with bio-sourced materials, photovoltaics, wood heating and natural ventilation the redevelopment of the beach in 2017. He has been a full member of the Academy of Architecture since 2007, Knight of the Legion of Honor for Ecology since 2008, full member of the Europe chapter of the “Club of Rome”, an international think tank created in 1968 composed economists, senior civil servants and scientists, having put forward the Meadows report, The Limits of Growth (1972) French translation “Halt to growth” indicating that such exponential growth without regulation would certainly lead to a deterioration of our living conditions in view of the limited quantity of raw materials for energy and on the other hand, the excessive accumulation of damage to the environment, waste and all kinds of pollution.

The financial investment made up to the ecological stakes of more than 1.8 M Euros made it possible from wood and white to present a chic and elegant structure marrying the flexibility of the dunes. The light is filtered there with curved spaces, in particular in “boat deck”. The equipment on the terrace and the beach are also in the same timeless spirit of today’s palm trees. We sincerely hope that this place of environmental quality will continue so that a more responsible economy can also spread indefinitely on this mythical beach in the South of France.