CoprOasis – Revegetation of Parisian condominiums

The City of Paris encourages the greening of spaces through its innovative CoprOasis scheme, designed to support Parisian condominiums. The main aim is to help refresh and green the city, creating a more pleasant environment for residents. In addition to greening courtyards and roofs, the goal is to permeabilize soil and recycle rainwater. Indeed, permeable soils enable rainwater to be collected, helping to reduce pollution and the risk of flooding. As for vegetation, it offers numerous advantages such as the creation of shade and islands of coolness, thus improving the quality of life of Parisian residents.

CoprOasis offers technical and financial support to condominiums wishing to participate in this green initiative. They can benefit from the expertise of architects and landscapers who will help them develop their greening and permeabilization projects, in addition to the financial aid available to support the various stages of the process. These cover feasibility studies, revegetation work, installation of rainwater storage tanks and facade revegetation. Condominiums can combine these grants for roof and courtyard projects, which represents an attractive financial opportunity (see grant regulations).

By way of example, the amounts of financial assistance are as follows:

– 5,000 € for preliminary design studies for a courtyard or flat roof

– 10,000 € if two projects are carried out (e.g. a roof terrace and a courtyard)

– Up to 80% of the cost of greening work, to a maximum of €30,000

– 500 € per rainwater storage tank

– 50 € per m² of facade planted, up to a height of 10 meters

All Parisian condominiums, regardless of the stage of their project, can benefit from this scheme. Simply register on the CoachCopro platform to begin the support process.

EVP Label – Espace Vert Protégé label recognizes the commitment of condominiums to the creation of green spaces

Before starting the process, it’s important to make sure that the property is located in an area covered by the Paris Local Urban Plan (PLU), with the exception of the protected sectors of the Marais and the 7th arrondissement of Paris, as well as the perimeter corresponding to the heritage of the Luxembourg Gardens. If your property falls within this zone, you are eligible to apply for the EVP label. It is also advisable to carry out a study to assess the technical, environmental and economic feasibility of your protected green space project. It will help define the specific constraints to be taken into account and the objectives to be achieved in order to obtain the EVP label.

Once you are eligible, it is essential to comply with the specific regulations and procedures laid down by the relevant local authorities, in particular with the general provisions of the urban planning code applicable to the territory covered by the Paris PLU (articles R.123-4 to R.123-12). This makes it easy to understand the rules and requirements for obtaining the EVP label. This official recognition testifies to your commitment to quality of life, preservation of the environment and the creation of pleasant, sustainable spaces in the heart of the capital.