Who is real estate rental management for ?

Your work is too time consuming, you do not have the time to manage your apartment, your house, your parking space…

You live in the country side, with a property in Paris, or vice verse. You need somebody reliable who you can trust with your key and who will assume responsibility should something go wrong.

You are about to move overseas for work and become an ex-pat for a year, or two or even more and would like to have peace of mind while you are away and know that you will recover your property without any nasty surprises.

You want to focus on only one aspect of the management of your property, delegating the rest.

You don’t want to have to micro manage, but keep a watchful eye on what is happening by using a private web portal for each of your properties.

Given the value and quality of your property you want to have intimate knowledge of the internal personnel who will be taking care of your property and there is not a constant coming and going of unknown third party staff into your apartment.

And quite simply, you do not want the headache and would rather spend your time enjoying more personal activities such as your retirement, your family and your trips.

Trusting someone with your property that you have spent many years saving towards to be able to afford is not an anodyne choice. This is why it is important to define this relationship with a strong contract with a company that has the resources to be able to deliver the best service. Signing a management contract is the only serious guarantee for any owners who no longer wish to manage their properties. Giving someone the keys to your house is not a choice that should be made lightly, which is why we offer you the Bio Rentals management contracts. They answer all the classical needs of a management contract as well as, should anything happen, a special service to carry out work on the property in the most energy efficient manner so as to be in harmony with construction in the 21st century.

We take care of the restriction and you keep your peace of mind, that is our deal !