The difference with a green property rental management in Paris

Why use a property manager for your flat in Paris if you are not present or too busy ?

  • to find a good tenant
  • to formulate a rent contract
  • to issue notices of deadline and rent receipts
  • to manage entry and exit of tenants
  • to cash and review of annual rents
  • to regulate and pay expenses of co-ownership
  •  to manage the routine maintenance and occasional work ( water damage), also diagnosis of EPC ratings and other mandatory performance controls
  • to offer the insurance protection for the non-occupant owner or the rental investor
  • to manage renovation or thermal insulation works
  • to access to justice and start legal action in case of rental incidents
  • to represent the owner at general meetings of co-proprietors
  • to suggest the insurance for cancellations and cessation of temporary stays of tenants
  • to offer ancillary services like transfers and excursions in eco-berline hybride car, sale of food and wine tasting baskets certified Label AB, AOC…
  • to care for linens and housework

and why choose an ecological property rental manager ? It will provide special services like :

  • ethical tenants developing  an increasing awareness for ecology (more careful)
  • a gradual conversion of heating equipment based toward energy saving
  • the use of eco-friendly materials for renovation works
  • the execution of a thermal insulation if necessary with many advices of a thermal design specialist without any additional cost
  • the management and partial financial support regarding total energy audit
  • green electricity supplier according the agreement of the owner
  • a selection of green rentals property with high thermal and acoustic comfort for tenants
  • a new concept with an ecological design and natural ornaments for furnished flats
  • the organic air treatment using plant bio-filtration
  • ecological furniture for furnished apartment
  • equipment designed for low energy consumption

Prices of mandates also are attractive and not more expensive than the competition, between 5 % and 25% of cashing rents, so choose by now this environmentally solution is just normal and not at all an option. To increase the financial value of your property, is it not the most important finally?