Students insurance La Cle for unpaid rent

Are you a student under 28 looking for a place to live during your studies and don’t a private guarantor ? You can ask for the CLE, an insurance coverage for unpaid rent, a state guarantee managed by CROUS. It will be issued in your name, and as such must be asked for personally by each tenant. All you need to do is create a personal space on the student life portal PVE and find the form to request the CLE. The average cost is 1.5% of your rent, bills included. In exchange the state will guarantee payment of your rent, with a limit of up to 10 months and rent capped at 500 Euros per tenant. If you are in Paris intra-muros, you are allowed up to 700 Euros and 600 Euros if you are in the Ile de France region.

For  a couple, the limit goes up by 60%. It will normally take three days for the study of your dossier to be finished so that you can obtain an electronic copy that the state agrees in principle which you can then show to the landlord. The sum will either be paid directly to the owner of via an automatic debit each month. If the payment is not made, the owner will receive an immediate warning.

It should be noted that if payment is not made, the student will have to reimburse the sum that is owed as it is only a loan made by the state. This option is available for furnished or unfurnished properties for individuals or two tenants. Foreign doctoral or post doctoral students who have income can also benefit from this state aid.