Do you need a new help to manage your property in Paris

If you would like to rent out your property and delegate the management of you apartment in Paris, choosing Bio Rental’s new management service for furnished apartments offers you an alternative way to manage your property, in a way that respects the environmental  constraints of the 21st century. Other than the standard services, which include :

  • Sourcing tenants
  • Managing the contracts
  • Collecting rent
  • Checking on the state of the property
  • Paying you the proceeds and charges of the co-owner-ship
  • Handling any maintenance work and the compulsory diagnostics
  • Insurance protection for the owner
  • Handling any renovation needed
  • Taking action on the owner’s behalf if necessary
  • Representing the owner in the co-ownership meetings
  • Providing private, individual, up to date accounts for each owner

Bio Rentals also offers the following:

  • Ethical and environmentally responsible tenants
  • Services to converge heating appliances to the most energy efficient solutions
  • Use of environmentally friendly materials for renovation and expansion
  • A service to thermally insulate the property if necessary, with the specialist firm Ademe
  • Paying either the partial or full costs of the energy audits
  • Incentives to use green energy
  • Top quality goods so as to ensure optimal thermal and acoustic comfort for all tenants
  • New interior design concepts that combine environmental sustainability with vegetation and Feng shui for furnished apartments
  • An extensive, environmentally sustainable concierge service including environmentally friendly drivers, bio food baskets …

Ensure the safety of property investments and revenues with the three Bio Rentals management contracts Tranquility, Security and Liberty, a new option starting from 6% all fees included. Join the green.