Seasonal rentals in Paris always profitable ?

The legislation with regards to seasonal renting has changed recently. For many years the local associations have complained about seasonal renting due to the shortage of accommodation in large cities, however, they still remain an attractive option if you are able to escape from your primary residence and go to your secondary residence on a regular basis. You must nevertheless be careful to not exceed four months a year other you will have to file an official notification of the change of use of the property (if the secondary residence) as well as filing for the furnished tourism rental status at the local council. Despite this, recent attempts to force owners to obtain agreement from the whole co-ownership were rejected by France’s Supreme Court.

In any case, it is reasonable to assume that a rental agreement lasting six months would be the most logical contract length with regards to this type of property. It would mean that persons who, for example, are retired will not be penalized whilst also benefitting from an additional source of income. Hopefully within a few years time, a new legal status will be created to properly recognize seasonal renting.

What is the easiest way to set up a seasonal contract when you aren’t here ? Simple, a single contract, with the same duration as a seasonal rental contract, with an official property manager is the best and most secure option. The owner outsources the management, tenant sourcing and other concierge services to a third party for a short period of time. The property manager also provides a financial guarantee which is the best protection the owner has to make sure he receives the rental income. It is important to note that a huge advantage for the owner is that even if the property manager may go bankrupt, the rent already paid is guaranteed. One should be careful of diverse companies, and internet platoforms as they often collect rent without having the legal right to do so (under French law), on top of not providing any financial gurantee, nor civil liability insurance. A top tip, is to check whether the company has the professionnal card G (management) because it is the legal document that allows the property manager to collect rent on behalf of the owner. If they don’t have it, keep looking as finding the right person for the job for the long term is essential !